Steve Harrison’s Casebook

Steve Harrison’s Casebook collects all of the known stories and fragments starring Howard’s hard-boiled hero. A never-before published draft of “Graveyard Rats” is also included. This volume is 296 pages, plus introductory material.

This volume is printed in hardback with dust jacket, in a limited quantity of 300   copies, each individually numbered. Cover design and painting by Jim & Ruth Keegan; introduction by Don Herron; and edited by Rob Roehm.

This book is sold out and out of stock (new edition is in the works). It’s published by the Robert E. Howard Foundation.


  • Lord of the Dead
  • The People of the Serpent (Fangs of Gold)
  • The Teeth of Doom (The Tomb’s Secret)
  • The Black Moon
  • The Voice of Death
  • The House of Suspicion
  • Names in the Black Book
  • The Silver Heel
  • Graveyard Rats


  • The Mystery of Tannernoe Lodge
  • Untitled synopsis (“Steve Harrison received a wire. . .)
  • The Silver Heel (synopsis)
  • Graveyard Rats (draft)
Year :January 2011
Book No. :None
Edition :1st
Format :Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages :xiv plus 296
Cover :Jim & Ruth Keegan
Illustrations :None


Edited by Rob Roehm

First appearance: “Graveyard Rats” (draft)

First printing limited to 150 copies. Subsequent printings of 50 copies each up to a total of 300 copies.

The titling of “The People of the Serpent” and “Teeth of Doom” is an attempt to get the names fixed after the magazine they were both published in got the names mixed up.

The February 1934 issue of STRANGE DETECTIVE STORIES carried two stories by REH: “The Tomb’s Secret” and “Fangs of Gold.” It appears that the story titles were inadvertently switched. Howard’s agent, Otis Adelbert Kline, kept a list of titles and the magazines that purchased them. Above “The Teeth of Doom” on Kline’s list, someone added “The Tomb’s Secret.”

Above “The People of the Serpent” on Kline’s list, someone added “Fangs of Gold.”