Conan the Outcast (1988)

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Conan the Valiant begins in Turan, where a 22-year-old Conan is recovering from his victory over the Cult of Doom (found in Robert Jordan’s Conan the Unconquered).[2] Conan finds himself involved in court intrigue and joins forces with a sword maiden, Raihna, and her employer, a sorcerer named Illyana, in their efforts against the growing menace of an evil wizard named Eremius. Using one of the Jewels of Kurag — the other is held by Illyana — Eremius has command over his growing army of the Transformed, former humans who were mutated into reptilian demons, and is looking to conquer a large region of Turan. The combination of local villagers, Conan’s sword, and Illyana’s magic destroy Eremius as well as the twin Jewels.

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