Alias – Complete DVD Collection – Rambaldi artifact box

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On the DVD
The entire Alias series comes housed in a replica of the Rambaldi box, an intricately designed gold case with red velvet lining, embossed with “IRINA” on the lid just as it was on the show. Inside, each season’s discs are housed in its own storybook case, and a small hardcover companion book features the show’s cast and crew answering fans’ burning questions, particularly the unanswered storylines such as “Who was Deep Throat?” (the anonymous tipster who kept calling Will in season one, whose identity was never revealed). Hidden in the Rambaldi case’s false bottom(!) is a bonus disc of material not found in any previous DVD release. The featurette “Case Closed” interviews cast members at the close of the show, with footage of their very last set takes (It’s touching to see veteran stars Garber and Kevin Weisman, who plays lovable techie geek Marshall, struggle not to cry while season five newbie Nichols weeps openly). The included fan tributes are amusing to watch; one inventive obsessor hangs a red Japanese lantern above his bed and calls it his own personal “Mueller sphere.” Other featurettes explore interviews with the cast after the pilot was filmed; the significance of the number 47 throughout the series; the numerous networks of villains (The Covenant, K. Director, Prophet 5, etc.) But the best quote from the bonus disc comes from an interview with Rifkin, who assesses Sloane’s complex motives with: “He’s bad. Sloane is bad. Sloan is baaaaad. Sloane. Is. Bad.” If you’re a die-hard Alias fan and don’t own any of the previous seasons on DVD, this one is for you

Very nice complete series with Jennifer Garner in a beautiful collection box. Some minor shelf wear. Original, zone 1.

Used. Seen once. Shows minor shelf wear.

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